Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Wisdom for the 67th post

My gospel, found on

"People tend to really piss me off on a regular basis. come on, get a life! if i can do it, so can you. life is beautiful, all your problems have been dealt with over and over again by generations of people, and however bad it may seem, both body and mind are designed to forget pain. so grit your teeth and quit your whining.

or else why should i have to."

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Hannah said...

Here's my antidote to days when resent the world at large, it's my Beautiful People Game and it goes like this:

While walking in a busy street in town, look at a random person as they walk towards you and think to yourself: 'you are a beautiful person'. Then the same for another person, and another, and just keep going for a while.

It may seem an overly altruistic exercise, but the unexpected effect of the game is self-acceptance. If all these people are beautiful just the way they are, surely I can't be that evil a person.