Monday, March 26, 2007

My blue unicorn

Just to share some amazing lyrics on this sunny day.. sin muchas novedades here, although actually many that I would like to share in person with the co-author of this blog but not the entire world (the entire world being defined as my co-author, me and the epsilon (infinitesimally small amount, haha, economist joke) that are reading this blog). Am never sure how to spell infinitesimally, but refuse to look it up. As for things that are not too private for publication: I am considering writing a diet book "Be Broke: Lose Weight!", which will make me so rich I no longer have to worry about when the catholic salary administration *cough*mafia*cough* of my university deems itself worthy of transferring my salary. I went there to, as a subtle hint, leave my bank account number, and their Delphian comment was that "we don't have any need for that." to which, as a response to my questioning facial expression, was added, semi-threatingly: "yet." I wonder if they are conspiring to fire me before even having officially hired me. But it's spring, no time for conspiracy theories, and coffee is still free. Also, if the diet book doesn't become a bestseller, I could write a book on fusion cooking (fancy word for mixing together random left-overs, also inspired by lack of funds to go grocery shopping). But then there are more serious problems in the world than my temporary caloric deficit.. such as losing one's blue unicorn.

Silvio Rodríguez - Mi unicornio azul

Mi unicornio azul ayer se me perdio,
pastando lo deje y desaparecio.
Cualquier informacion bien la voy a pagar,
las flores que dejo no me han querido hablar.
Mi unicornio azul ayer se me perdio,
no se si se me fue, no se si se extravio...
Y yo no tengo mas que un unicornio azul,
si aguien sabe de el, le ruego informacion:
cien mil o un million yo pagare.

Mi unicornio azul,
se me ha perdido ayer,
se fue.

Mi unicornio y yo hicimos amistad,
un poco con amor, un poco con verdad,
con su cuerno de anil pescaba una cancion,
saberla compartir era su vocacion.
Mi unicornio azul ayer se me perdio,
y puede parecer acaso una obsesion,
pero no tengo mas que un unicornio azul
y aunque tuviera dos, yo solo quiero aquel.
Cualquier informacion la pagare.

Mi unicornio azul,
se me ha perdido ayer,
se fue.


Hannah said...

Oh girl,

am I happy for an economist's joke and a blue unicorn poem.

Your university sounds francophone to me.

Every time I think epsilon is not enough, someone emails to tell me they love reading on the wall.

I have written 4000-word second-year-of-uni-level
paper, for that well-known organization in Brussels and several people seem to be very happy I did that. I even finished a week before the deadline; I think this latter fact is unprecedented.

Outside-campus wall life continues to amaze me. Will email you bi-laterally now.

Hannah said...

PS. I would have guessed it would be spelt 'infinitesmally'