Thursday, March 15, 2007

in between places

Headaches make sounds louder
lights brighter,
moods slower.

Sun spills in through new shine-through white curtains, but the air that spills in when I pull up the heavy window is cold, could belong to earlier weather.

I am in-between places; in between-places.

It is no-longer-winter-not-yet-summer. I was ill-but-getting-better this week. I am not a student but my friends are. I have moved into a new life, but my mind is wandering time and place, revisiting earlier era's, involuntarily considering future scenario's. I am watching old episodes of favourite series, waiting for the new to kick in. I gave up some paths now I am left to create others.

I fell and hurt my head while trying to wrap my head around betweenness (not the best strategy). I am staying in these places for a while. My new hypersensitivity to sound & sight is slowing me down, forcing me to hear every bike that passes by, every song on the radio in the kitchen, every bottle that gets thrown away in the recycling container across the street.

Drawing my attention to wind blowing in
a bouquet of roses in peach and yellow and dark white,
and the gift of time to catch up.

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