Friday, December 01, 2006

A Typical Friday (?) Afternoon

15.30 open thesis.doc, or rather, thesisalmostdonepleeeaseversion2.doc, get distracted instantly
15.31 think about life-rhythm, or lack thereof, and general scarcity of discipline
15.32 vow to get up before noon tomorrow (OK maybe on Monday, tomorrow is weekend after all.. not that there is such a thing as "week" and "weekend" for thesis writers. normal conversation between thesis writer and normal person: "what day is it today?" "tuesday." "really?" "yes, why?" "interesting!" And same conversation, but between two thesis writers: "what day is it today?" "wednesday?" "really?" "well, I'm not sure" "it feels more like a friday to me." "come to think of it, it does!" "or possibly tuesday." "yes, obviously, tuesdays are always the hardest to detect.")
15.33 fret about whether inviting long-time crush over for an entire week was good idea
15.34 realise that there's no going back anyway. vow not to get emotionally attached again.
15.35 wonder where time went

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