Wednesday, August 22, 2007

This Summer's Inspirational Songs

"Breek" - Jeroen Zijlstra

It was late, there was a train, there was an incident with me spilling lemonade & Polish vodka over her book, and then she said "I have a song for you" and the song pretty much made me cry.

... voor de kunst van het proberen/ook al blijft er niks meer van je heel...

"Happy ending" - Mika

I heard this song at a happy performance at Lowlands. Although it's not a happy song essentially, (This is the saddest story/that I have ever told) there is something optimistic & melodic about it, too. (a little bit of love, a little bit of love)

"Dear mr. President" - Pink

I lóve that she still makes political music (it's been less of a trend these days) and the song is so very to the point - let me tell you about hard work/ how do you sleep at night? .

To record, to write, to not forget these nights that happened and these songs that coloured my days. To not forgot these efforts, these attempts, these moments of new insights and these doors that opened all around me. To be grateful, so very grateful for these days.

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