Saturday, July 14, 2007

Hannah is....

... listening to Paul Simon's "Graceland", (AGAIN).
... mixing in some pop (everybody get on the dancefloor).
... running around Utrecht and Amsterdam in flipflops, with her Body Shop linen bag of essential items - notebook, colored pens, reading book, apples, wallet-keys-phone. (NOTHING NEW THERE, REALLY)
... spending almost all her time with the theater people, who are professional, warm, funky.

... missing her Geneva friends, her lake city in the sunshine, (AGAIN, STILL, ALWAYS).
... contemplating her life's direction (AGAIN), wallowing in her self-proclaimed third wave of quarterlife crisis (they shall continue till she manages to walk her own freakin' path & dance to her own freakin' music).

... looking for a place to live, which would be a lot easier if she knew where she wanted to go.
... trying to finish a story, which would be easier if she wasn't running around so much, thinking about everything so much. (SIT STILL, WOMAN)

Hannah is... referring to Facebook, of course (Facebook is soooo 2008, Facebook is the new hyves, the new bee hive, the new big-brother-esk space to see and be seen, to stalk and be stalked, to represent and to confront the forces of popularity and social restlessness. To care more and to care less. To be kinda intrigued by everyone else without forgetting, - it's only life, after all).

... quite content with writing about herself in the third person, the first person gets so tedious after a while.
... enjoying giving herself feedback.

... not writing on her blog so much.
... not so sure what she's doing and not so sure what she's writing.
... busy figuring things out, hesistant to share.
... feeling dramatic and poetic and inspired (IT'LL BE FINE).

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