Tuesday, May 22, 2007

change of strategy

Enough, enough already.

Enough with the moody writings on the wall!
Enough with the vague philosophy!
Enough with imitating my favorite blog-writers!
Enough with not caring that nobody posts comments!
Enough with finding a fine balance between the personal and the public!
Enough with people being completely uncomfortable about me insisting on having an ecclectic blog! Enough with the experimenting!!!

Yes, my silent friend, I am through with that.

Even Hannah's have a limit to their perseverance.
I ain't got no answers, honey. I don't even think I have mood swings left to share at this point.
If it ain't working, it ain't working. I love writing, but not in a vacuum. I love writing in the dark most of all, but I shall wander by myself before sharing. It's time for a change of strategy.

I thought of deleting this blog all together.
Yeah. So. But.
My mum made me promise not to, some time ago. Plus. Every single time I have been exactly on the brink of deleting it before, someone sent an email with positivity & happiness regarding my writing. That must count for something. The universe must care a little bit.

So instead, I have a
writing project to work on, another script to write for the summer. I'll post some observations based on that for the time being.

Fa shizzle (= the latest word to say 'cool'/'for sure') that for this script, I will be returning to a Zoolander-level of writing. I will be writing about a place not uncomparable to the Zoolander Centre For Kids That Can't Read Good And Want To Learn To Do Other Things Good Too. Other inspirations: School of Rock, l'auberge espagnol. And Braveheart of course, can't forget about Braveheart.

When that's done, who knows? Perhaps I will have travellings to tell you about. Or partying stories. Perhaps not. For now: "
Deal with that!"


Anonymous said...

...don't delete it! xS

Hannah said...

thanks, my dear. it came at the exact right moment! I'll figure it out :S, and i will love doing that. It was wonderful sitting on the rocks by the lake with you. xH

Anna said...

Mea culpa..that goes on the neverending pile of things I feel guilty about. I haven't written in ages. Nothing, not an email, not a blog-entry, hardly an sms, and for sure not a letter or a card. I suck at time management, or priority management, for that matter. And don't think that I'm at the office from 9 to 9 (or even 9 to 5) because I'm not. What do I do? I don't know. Wasting time is one thing, but still not the same as deleting time. Or so I hope and believe. So even if you really were wasting blog space (which I'm not sure can be wasted in the first place, since isn't it practically unlimited, and hence not scarce, and hence cannot be wasted?) and wasting energy (and bear in mind that energy cannot strictly speaking, be lost) writing on it, you're not allowed to equate that to deleting it. Why not? Because it would be a logical inconsistency, that's why. Now stop asking silly questions and get back to wasting time.

Hannah said...

loving the logic, anna :)
don't do the mea culpa thing, it makes me feel mea culpa about complaining. hahahaha.

i always believe writing is an inside thing, something I do for me, no matter what. so that would make having a blog a plus.

but then the minus-es occur when i fear people think that having a blog is strange and potentially self-indulgent and exhibitionist.

I have been bad, not even visiting you in Leuven yet. Things are moving, though, in good directions, for both of us.

Also, I am using you as an excuse to get days of work next week. I am pretending that my friend in Leuven is obtaining her Ph.D. and then I am going to go work at a theater production instead.

wish me luck