Tuesday, April 03, 2007


'Writing on the wall' was once invented as a phrase heavy with foreshadowing of wall-writing activities to be. I was to step out of student routines and reconnect with an inner rebellious and creative self. The type of self that writes on walls regardless of further consequences, just because she feels like it.

There is the expression 'to read the writing on the wall', in reference to the story of mysterious foreboding words that appeared on a wall at a party thrown by King Solomon; the Destiny's Child cd 'the writing's on the wall'; the other blogs that were inspired by these words, including one John Kerry fan site and one online journal of a person who works for an animation company.

Concretely, I

  • assisted in idea creation sessions where everyone wrote ideas on walls at my favorite place in Switzerland
  • thought a great deal about painting on the walls of the room I lived in in Amsterdam
  • assisted in painting Nintendo figures on the walls of the student house I live in for a house party; the Toad creation was all mine
  • also created some lime walls in that house
  • am currently participating in creating a 'wall of inspiration' in the office I share with my co-worker. Here's something from the wall, something another colleague said: 'don't bother trying to influence that; it would be like trying to stop the tides.'
  • have been reading about 'surface engineering' and 'coating techniques' for my work. As it turns out, there is quite some chemistry involved in keeping walls&buildings intact.

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