Thursday, March 01, 2007


My first time around, I taught French to four 14-year-olds and used all my big sister skills to cover up for being 15 myself.

The second thing I did was printing T-shirts for the company my neighbour had in his garage.

The coolest job I had was as a photographer, albeit a soccer teams photographer. I got to boss boys around all day, ages 3 to 18+.

The worst one was not the one where I worked in a big factory, but the one where I was an au pair to four kids whose parents were always of having busy lives.

The best-paid one was when I translated half a book in two weeks; two exam weeks.

The most serious as well as the least serious one was the ILO internship. One fellow intern was planning a documentary entitled "coffee with Hannah - a short film funded by the ILO".

The one nobody ever took serious as a real job was where I was a receptionist at my own graduate school. More coffees. More socializing; and the discovery of Blog World.

The first real job was today. It involved an office, and colleagues, and writing a report, and even some stress. Someone brought coffee while I was in a meeting, and everyone else drank more coffee than me. Mmmm... (suspicious glance into the air while rubbing hands together); let's see where this is going.

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