Monday, February 19, 2007

And yes

I am leaving; leaving, to the sound of Utrecht rain. (This line is a variation on a line in a song called 'Londen rain' by Heather Nova, whomever that may be. I listened to that song aprroximately 347 times last summer.)

Here is how I finished painting my walls: I didn't bother covering up the last couple of smudges I made. Here is how I picked the carpet: I went to the shop, bought the cheapest left-over they had and took it home with me on the tram. The tram-driver gave me the best advice on how to cut it out so it would fit the room. Here is how the rest of my room got fixed: my dad came over. Here is how I packed my bag: slowly, while listening to music. Here is how I am travelling: by plane, although I want to be an environmentalist and take a train. Maybe next time, maybe on my way back.

The other things, I will fix those too.

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Anna said...

Hope to see you soon, there is so much catching up to do, and the mind only travels with the speed of a camel.