Thursday, January 11, 2007

Silence before the storm

The weatherman said there would be storm tomorrow, so this must be the silence before the storm.

Normally the silence before the storm should be something that is defined in hindsight, because how could there be silence if a storm has been announced? As when people say, remember when we were walking around unsuspecting, going about our daily business and routine? That was the silence before the storm. The mundane becomes ominous, but only in hindsight. If people could predict the winds, would there really be silence? Who would be so foolish as to say hush, the storm is coming?

Perhaps the silence before the storm is just a relative concept; the storm makes us aware of the silence we are living most of the time. The silence is there, touching the leaves that remain, it makes the windows smile, content with the sounds of the streets, lingers in the common complaints about the rain, and in the sneeze of a dog.


Sebastian said...

Anna, you beautifully expressed a true (and straightforward) thought. I liked that!



Hannah said...

it makes the windows smile :)