Monday, December 18, 2006

On that note..

Here goes an ad-hoc poem I wrote in Dorothy Parker style

A Wise Lesson for the Female Student of Antiquity

Student! As you read about
how that ancient war
which, as you know
(I have no doubt)
started over Helen’s face,
soon escalates into a show
of man’s stupidity and disgrace:
Achilles was stubborn,
Menelaus possesive,
Agamemnon gullible,
Hector aggresive,
Sinon a liar,
Ajax a mistake
Odysseus slyer,
Paris deluded,
and Patroklos fake;
what can be concluded?
Man’s idiocies combined
left Helen quite speechless,
and Homer quite blind.

But oh! My dear student,
what lesson to draw
when reading that tale?
That though times have changed
all men will be male:
still stupidly fighting
and just as deranged.

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