Friday, December 15, 2006

On deadlines

Did I mention I really love deadlines before?

I really love deadlines, I wonder why
this obsession features
the permission to be shy
anti-social, compulsive, immature.

It could be the compensation
of favorite music, dancing, elation
the rush and the adrenaline
and oh, the secret writing


Anna said...

Free variation/association poem on yours:

Walk the line
the dead lay sleeping
lost for life, one opened eye
cyclop drifting by
dreaming of philosophy
ancient ships being called
to war, waves rushing high
salt and tears and I
wait for instant revelation:
darling it's too late for sleeping
let's dance again, all night.

willem said...

Dear sister,
I've noticed I share your immaturity,
need for hiding and compulsory.
more, or less.
to much, or to less in some occasions
Wich sometimes leads to irritations
But appart from awkward simularities
There's things I really do not get
Like the fun of rushing towards what you need, but haven't got
But anti-social you are not.
Big hug,
your brother

Hannah said...

oh yay

love the additions