Thursday, November 16, 2006

Loss of East

I came from Geneva, carrying a laptop’s worth of ideas, a book of to-do list’s, an agenda filled with good intentions, - Ph.D. applications, translation, family visits, discussions with friends and don’t forget the enjoyment of wintertime. I knew I would have to readjust, would read new things into the familiar feel of December in The Netherlands. Something would be of, I just couldn't predict exactly what was it going to be.

The difference lays in the details. The days carry their little thorny issues into my world. Where shall I put my suitcase? Where do I find the coffee? Which tram shall I take?

Rushdie wrote a book about transitions. He called them “Disorientation. Loss of East.”


Anna said...

You know the feeling of waking up in a strange bed, on holiday in a hotel, or in a new house, or in your old house where you don't live anymore, opening your eyes and for a few seconds not knowing where your head are feet are relative to the walls and door?

Hannah said...

exactly what I am talking about. exactly.