Thursday, November 30, 2006

Life goals (eternally editable)

In no particular order:

1. Be able to sing along Jacques Brel's Ne me quitte pas (as far as lyrics are concerned, never mind carrying a tune)
2. Create chaos
3. Remember most things (including where I left them)
4. Live where peach trees grow

Hannah, any additions?


Hannah said...

(yes let's continue to edit these throughout! for now: )

5. learn how to make dark chocolate mousse for desert
6. carry out at least one business plan that is doomed to fail accordingt to the general opinion
7. go shopping at portobello road
8. don't forget to dance by moonlight in an empty room 'to the nightingale tune', 'shedding of one more layer of skin'(Jokerman, Dylan)

Anna said...

9. Learn to love the rain. And the wind. And the wind blowing the rain in your face. See the resulting frizzy hair as a free perm.

Anna said...

10. Kiss a blues singer

Hannah said...

11. Live and breathe Amsterdam, walk its streets, haunt its bars till you own the place inside out, till you find yourself talking to strangers on the street just so you can tell them what your latest discovery is; then move to the next town

Hannah said...

12. write a book in a month. remember it's pretty much how The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy was written, that thrilogy in four parts, that monumental literary work of art with brain-blowing potential. write a book in a month and drag some friends along with you. make sure Starbucks opens in Amsterdam and pre-confiscate a corner to turn into a laptop heaven.

13. Start a Mafia Organisation For Having Brunches With New Random Individuals. Adopt the Berlin model, start around three on a Sunday afternoon.

14. Publish an ontburgeringscursus. Seriously, who wants to be burgerlijk?

Anna said...
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Anna said...

15. Shamelessly exploit the ontbugeringscursus concept once it hits off: ont-aardingscursus, ont-dooicursus, ont-bindingscursus, ont-cijfercursus, ont-eringscursus, ont-goochelcursus, ont-futselcursus, ont-kenningscursus, ont-kerkelijkingscursus, ont-nuchteringscursus, ont-komingscursus, ont-knopingscursus, en de ont-bijtcursus.

Hannah said...

Hell yeah,
I need to get back to working on that.

So much potential for ont-burgerlijking in this country.

Hannah said...

16. Wake up in a different country than you expected. Seriously, I keep dreaming I accidentally took a plane to a different country AGAIN and I have to get back because I have an obligation in the other country. Apart the latter issus with authorities, it's always a fun dream to have.

17. Address an elephant in a room. Bravely, wisely, foolishly. Do it for yourself.

Anna said...

18. smile, right now

Hannah said...

Write a bilingual online novel with interactive characters that email back and write descriptions of each other's behaviour over time. Mmmm. Sounds like real life. Make sure fictional elements are included in the bilingual online novel with interactive characters.

Hannah said...

20. Sit inside all day with a book or a tv or another non-urgent activity and do not go outside even once. Preferably carry out this activity in a house with a fireplace and hot chocolate and some brothers and sisters or some friends hanging out simultaneously.

Anna said...

21. Fall in love. (check) Then hold on to it for all you're worth. As the Beatles said (sang): love, love, love

22. Do not resist the strong urge to back up the Starbucks proposal from #12. Hear hear

23. Start a political party (or whatever party, who doesn't like parties) for Nachtbrakers. Agitate against potentially dangerous mind-numbing forces of evil, such as 9-to-5-ers. Boobytrap the office so that it doesn't pay to come in first.

24. Move to that Chinese city where women rule all.

Hannah said...

25. Convince at least one Belgian that the Dutch are not so bad.

26. Finally print a 'proud-to-be-a-nerd' t-shirt. Give it away to a) all your ph.d. friends b) all your other friends.

27. Have a blog that is read by some people.

28. Start a Lady's Club; no gentlemen allowed, intellectual discussions to be encouraged, accessories warmly welcomed. Have fabulous lunches, infamous cocktails and fantastic keynote speakers.

Annarcadia said...

29. Ditch the prose. Even negative feelings feel better when expressed in poetic form, e.g.


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